Kathryn Seabron


Kathryn is a Creatrix, Activist, Sex-Educator, Producer, Director, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Ecdysiast, & Mistress of Ceremonies

Kathryn is a graduate of San Francisco State University, earning her Bachelor’s in Theater Arts and is based in Oakland, California.

Her theatrical career began as a Stage Manager for the historic Lorraine Hansberry Theater. Since then she has Stage Managed for many major theater companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and has directed for the Asian American Theater, African American Theater Company, Oakland Ensemble Theater Company and Oakland Public Theater.

The Good Men Project


Kathryn leads two discussion calls for The Good Men Project every week.

Monday she leads the Love, Sex, Etc. call. She researches all topics related to love, sex and relationships. She has moderated calls with various topics under that heading, using research and personal experiences. The topics range from Sexual Identiy to Hard Conversations to Feminism/Womanism.

She also host the #StopRacism. Finding topics from the headlines, she deftly breaks down and explains racism, misogynoir, micro/macro aggressions and how her audience can be an ally to racial justice. Always lively, interesting and informative conversations.

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Angry Black Woman 101


While working, yet another temp job, feeling underused and under valued, Angry Black Woman 101 was born.

Angry Black Woman 101 is a solo show that takes an introductory dive into the microaggressions, tropes and misogynoir Black women deal with in the workplace and in society at large.

This show is couched in a truthful and hurtful work situation during my tenure at TechSoup, a local nonprofit. My experience illustrates the concept of Black women suffering through microaggressions, being micromanaged, held under higher scrutiny at work. How their well being and safety is never a consideration. How white women’s tears are used to deflect and disenfranchise Black women.

Interspersed throughout the show are vignettes, stories, poetry and media pieces to illustrate the topic of the crossroads of misogyny and racism that Black women have to navigate daily: at work, at school, on the street, at the market.

I celebrate the tenacity of Black women, in spite of all. I rejoice in the knowledge that we still manage to survive and thrive as marginalized citizens in this society.

Here’s a slice of that show!

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Fat Flash Mob


Creating ways to express herself as a performer and activist, Kathryn organized The Fat Flash Mob, and co-choreographed with Alana Jane of the Big Moves Dance Troupe.

This celebration of Body Diversity was realized on the 3rd Annual International Health and Fitness Month and, in particular, International No Diet Day on May 6th. The Fat Flash Mob was performed several times in San Francisco: The famous Cable Turn Around on Market Street, The Castro neighborhood and Dolores Park. Additionally, several flash mobs were performed around the country: in Los Angeles, California, Miami, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts on the same day at the same time.

Here are some reviews of the event from Julie Wyman, SF Weekly, Dr. Deah's Body Shop, and Chris Cheng.

A documentary film capturing The Fat Flash Mob,named FatMob, was directed by Julie Wyman and premiered at the SF DocFest’s Shorts 3: Bad Ass Women, and screened at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, DocsDF in Mexico City, Atlanta DocuFest.

FatMob can be watched here!

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When Kathryn turned her attention towards the front of the stage, she joined the cabaret and burlesque community. In this world, she is well known by the handle “Juicy D. Light!” As Juicy, she is an internationally recognized burlesque performer, choreographer, and HBIC of the award winning troupe Rubenesque Burlesque.

She’s performed as a solo artist at Red Hots Burlesque (San Francisco, CA), Hubba Hubba Revue (San Francisco, CA) Edmonton Burlesque Festival (Canada), The Fierce! Queer Burlesque Festival (Colombus, OH) That’s F**** UP! (Seattle, WA)

Also, as Juicy D. Light, she enjoys being the Mistress of Ceremonies for shows all over the San Francisco Bay Area, notably for the world-renowned Hubba Hubba Revue. She has enjoyed emceeing at many venues and shows around the Bay Area especially, First Friday Follies, Juicy Monday’s, Hot and Juicy, Diva or Die, Jolene’s, Bad Influence Burlesque, Salacious Underground and Livid Cult Burlesque Theater. She is known for her quick witted and mildly raunchy emcee style and has been described as “Sharp and playful, with a knack for drawing the audience in, and an obvious love for the art-form” and “Spontaneous, funny, engaging and vested.”

As the leader of the award-winning troupe of “Your Favorite Round and Rowdy Rump Shakers” Rubenesque Burlesque, she and her troupe changed the hearts and minds of what movement, power and sexiness can look like. Slaying audiences for The Toronto Burlesque Festival, The Edmonton Burlesque Festival, The New York Burlesque Festival. Including, winning top awards from The Hollywood Burlesque Festival in Los Angeles, California (Best Troupe and Most Comedic) and Alternatease in Boston, Massachusetts (Top Banana).

Watch the earth shaking performance at Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF) Weekend!

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